Charges for Armed Robbery

Robbery is simply defined as the taking of money or other property from the person or custody of another with the intent to do so either temporarily or permanently. What separates armed robbery from many other theft crimes is the use of force, violence, assault or placing a person in fear, while depriving them of their property. If you face armed robbery charges, you will want to place your defense in the hands of a skilled and experienced Tampa Bay theft crime lawyer. Leaving it to an inexperienced attorney, or to one who does not practice exclusively in criminal law matters, can put your future at risk.

Armed robbery is classified as a felony and, if convicted, you can be incarcerated for up to 30 years in a state prison. If you fired a weapon during the robbery, it can result in a 20 year mandatory minimum sentence. The sentence an individual receives depends on many factors including prior criminal history, what kind of weapon was used, if there is a history of violent offenses, how much the stolen property was worth and whether or not the victim was injured. You can be certain that the armed robbery charges against you will be taken seriously by the prosecution and they will do all possible to obtain a conviction. At Greater Tampa Law P.L., we want you to be represented by an attorney who is equally aggressive in defending your rights.

Defending Against Armed Robbery

Our firm is solely devoted to defending those charged with a crime. We are former state prosecutors and have the advantage of being able to understand how the prosecution builds their case, the types of evidence they rely on, and where weaknesses in their case may lie. Additionally, we are local lawyers who are familiar with the judges, courtroom personnel and prosecutors that will likely be working on your case. We have resolved thousands of criminal cases, from both sides of the law, and would like to use that experience in defense of the charges against you.

Contact a Tampa Bay armed robbery attorney from our firm if you or a loved one has been charged with armed robbery and desire fast, effective legal help. 

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