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Strong armed robbery differs from armed robbery in that alleged theft was done with violence, threats or force but without the use of a deadly weapon. It is considered a serious theft crime and will be vigorously prosecuted. Attorneys from our firm, Greater Tampa Law, P.L.., served as prosecutors for the state and understand how the charges against you will be pursued. We know how those accused of strong armed robbery are treated by law enforcement and prosecutors and want you to have someone who is willing to take the fight to them, in defense of your rights.

Strong armed robbery is a second-degree felony and conviction brings about heavy fines and a prison sentence not to exceed 15 years. Conviction of a theft crime can suddenly change the course of a person’s life and dramatically affect their loved ones as well. If you have been accused of strong armed robbery, we encourage you to select a Tampa Bay criminal defense lawyer who has a proven track record in obtaining favorable results for their clients.

Defending Your Rights

Penalties in a strong armed robbery are based on the charge itself plus any prior criminal history, especially crimes of violence. Other elements of sentencing can be the value of the property that was taken and if there was any bodily injury caused to another during the robbery. It is certain that you will need an attorney who works solely on criminal defense cases, is known to be effective and who is willing to aggressively fight on your behalf.

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