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Divorce and other family law issues are real-life occasions and the choices you make currently will endure forever. We know how stressful clients feel when facing life-changing legal issues and we work hard to make your experience as efficient and streamlined as possible. We are dedicated to ensuring that each of our clients receives professional legal support per the most current state laws. At Greater Tampa Law P.L., we understand that any family law issue can be joined by large amounts of pressure, feelings, and uneasiness – so we strive to give our customers the calmest experience conceivable. We never dismiss the human side of family law issues, and we ensure that our clients get our best help and direction through these difficult issues.

What is Family Law?

Family law is a general practice area which may involve family members, husbands, wives, and even casual relations (especially when children are involved).

Many of the topics family lawyers encounter include but not are limited to:

  • Adoption
  • Child Custody
  • Divorce
  • Paternity

To accomplish a good result in a family law case, usually inside one’s best enthusiasm to enroll the assistance of an accomplished family law attorney.

Let Us Help You

Family law matters, such as divorce, child custody & support, visitation, and paternity call for a dedicated and knowledgeable attorney who can handle the case with respect, discretion, and thoroughness. These cases are legally complex and emotionally charged, affecting many people on different levels. Our Family Law and Divorce Attorneys understand what you’re going through, and we want to reassure you that having such complicated feelings during your legal matter is entirely normal. After all, the decisions you make now will change your life for many years to come. For this reason, our goal is to offer you compassion during this tough time as well as legal services that help you reach peaceful resolutions.

We will stand beside you and help you through tough times. We will help you make the difficult decisions that may be holding you back from being happy or providing the best care possible for loved ones.

Why Choose Our Family Law Attorney’s

We have experience handling family law cases and we work hard to come to a cost effective solution with you while minimizing blame and ill will to the parties involved. Call now to speak with us.

    • Alimony

      The last major issue in divorce cases can be alimony (spousal support).  When is it appropriate to request alimony, what types of alimony should be requested, and how is a case for alimony proven?  How can a request for alimony from the other spouse best be defended against?  What is the importance of the length of the marriage, or the standard of living during the marriage?
    • Child Custody

      Nothing is more precious than our children. If you have children but were not married, how do you protect their best interests? If you are a father who never married the mother of your children, how do you protect and enforce your parental rights? How is child support calculated, and what are the factors that determine the amount of support?
    • Divorce

      Divorce, also know as “Dissolution of Marriage,” can be simple, or it can require resolving many different issues that can make the case much more complex.  Are there children involved?  Were assets acquired before or after the marriage?  When were debts incurred?  Is it appropriate to seek alimony (spousal support)?  Was there a pre-nuptial agreement?  Is a business involved?  What effect will the divorce have on my retirement accounts?  Did infidelity or abuse occur?
    • Injunctions for Protection

      Injunctions for Protection (also known as Restraining Orders in other states) can be issued by the Court for: 1.) Domestic Violence, 2.) Sexual Violence, 3.) Dating Violence, and 4.) Repeat Violence. What needs to be proven to obtain an Injunction for Protection differs depending on the type of Injunction sought.
    • Paternity Suits

      If you are a father who never married the mother of your children, how do you protect and enforce your parental rights? If you are unsure if you are the father, how do you find out for sure? If you are a mother who never married the father, how do you protect your children’s best interests?

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