Have you been arrested for accounting fraud?

Accounting fraud is a type of theft crime that is committed when a person within a company, usually a small company, illegally takes company funds. This crime is very similar to the crime of embezzlement. However, when a person commits accounting fraud, he/she may tamper with the company’s financial records to conceal the theft of funds. When a person commits accounting fraud, he/she may tamper with company receipts, payroll, or deposits. When the theft is finally discovered, it is usually too late.

Fraud occurs when a person intentionally deceives a third party, which results in injury or financial loss for the third party. When a person commits fraud, his/her primary goal is to obtain money under false pretenses. This dishonesty is usually not exposed until way after the person has illegally obtained funds. Once a person has committed fraud, such as accounting fraud, he/she will be subject to criminal prosecution by the Florida law enforcement, district attorneys, and judges.

Defending Against Accounting Fraud in Tampa Bay

At Greater Tampa Law P.L., our legal team understands how frightening it can be to face criminal charges of accounting fraud. For this reason, we are completely devoted to giving our very best effort to every client that reaches out to us for help. If you choose to work with a Tampa Bay accounting fraud lawyer from our firm, you can breathe easier knowing that we will do everything in our power to help you reach your desired result. With years of experience, our firm is uniquely prepared to help our client reach their optimum outcome with exhaustive and tireless legal footwork.

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