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The last major issue in divorce cases can be alimony (spousal support). When is it appropriate to request alimony, what types of alimony should be requested, and how is a case for alimony proven? How can a request for alimony from the other spouse best be defended against? What is the importance of the length of the marriage, or the standard of living during the marriage? Divorce clients of Greater Tampa Law P.L. can rest assured that their lawyer has successfully litigated and tried many cases involving alimony and is extremely familiar with this complex area of divorce law. Whether a case for alimony needs to be made or defended against, a divorce client’s best weapon is the knowledge and experience of Greater Tampa Law.

Are you interested in understanding out how you can skip the issue of appealing to for and arranging spousal support payments? Make sure to get some information about prenuptial agreements, which can spare you a lot of time and cash a very long time not far off. Prenuptial agreements are fundamental for any couple getting ready for marriage that thinks about their money-related prospects. By directing the money related terms of a forthcoming separation right off the bat, you can keep away from a drawn-out appeal later.

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Alimony is a fundamental factor for anybody that has been out of the workforce for quite a long time. When getting married, numerous individuals abandon their occupations, leaving the breadwinning to their spouse. They may want to concentrate on childrearing, dealing with constant sickness, or even straightforward housekeeping; nevertheless, regardless of their reasons, spouses that are jobless for quite a while ordinarily don’t have the equivalent acquiring potential as they once did.

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We’ll help you in realizing whether you’re qualified for alimony, and also appealing for the help you have to keep up the way of life to which you’re accustomed. Not every person is eligible to receive alimony, so make sure to meet with an individual from our staff before you go to court. Our spousal support attorneys can enhance your odds of winning the support you deserve.

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