Type: Aggravated Battery – Sentenced reduced by nearly 50%
Practice Area:Criminal defense
Date: 2014-11-14
Outcome: Sentence reduced by nearly 50%
Description: We were hired to take over an Aggravated Battery case from the Public Defender’s Office. We were retained over 6 months after the arrest, and after a number of depositions had been taken.

The State Attorney’s Office made an offer of 8 years in prison – not a day less. We were told that regardless of private attorney of public defender, the offer would be 8 years in prison or more.

The State viewed the facts of the Aggravated Battery as being very severe.

Throughout our representation, we conducted legal research, took additional depositions, met continually with our client in jail, and entered into sustained and lengthy negotiations with the State Attorney’s Office.

Ultimately, we were able to crack the 8-year ultimatum set by the State and got nearly 50% of the sentence reduced (including good and gain time).

Our client was extremely happy with our representation and the outcome. He told us the money he spent to hire us was well worth the years of his life he will get back.