Greater Tampa Law, P.L. is proud to announce that partner Jason Bard volunteered for the first of many times in court on behalf of underprivileged children.  Jason’s role is standing in as a parent or guardian, when a juvenile is charged with a crime, and acting as a mouthpiece for a child who may not grasp the severity of the situation.

While the person may be charged as a juvenile delinquent, and has representation by an assistant public defender, Jason steps in to act as a parental figure.

The summary below details, from Crossroads for Florida Kids, the role that Jason is playing:

Delinquency Client Hearing Representation

  • Serve as an on call AAL attorney for children who come to their Delinquency hearings without a parent or guardian. If called, you go to a Delinquency courtroom, talk to the public defender and then meet your client.  Serving as an attorney, you have a confidential conversation with the child to ensure he/she understands the proceeding that is about to take place.  As soon as all parties are present, your client’s hearing will be called.  Enter the world of a poor child who is likely de facto dependent.  Take the time to assist them at their hearing.

Greater Tampa Law is proud to have attorneys willing to give back to the community.  We have included a link to Crossroads for Florida Kids, here:

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  1. June 9, 2017


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