Key West Pirate

This amazing tale of adventure and woe comes to us from Key West.  While he may have been arrested for “Disorderly Conduct,” the official charge should be “Aggravated Awesomeness – First Degree.”

The article from the New York Daily News details the wacky happenings of Capt’n Silky Silvertips.

“Throw him in the brig.

A Florida man dressed as a pirate opened fire with two black-powder pistols on a busy bridge, authorities said.

Frightened witnesses called the cops when the man, armed to the teeth with 18th century weaponry, fired off a round at passing cars in the Florida Keys, according to a Monroe County Sheriff’s report.

The pirate pretender told deputies he was watching the sunset with a couple of friends on June 29 on the Seven Miles Bridge when he decided to pop off a couple of shots.

The blasts were only blanks, and he turned the pistols toward the water, he claimed, according to the sheriff’s report.

Deputies arrested the man, identified as 58-year-old Jamie Spiering, on charges of disorderly conduct. They alleged he fired once toward the water, and again toward the cars.

Spiering, who deputies noted also had a sword and two knives, is an entertainer, posing as Capt’n Silky Silvertips at bars, parties and other pirate gatherings through the region.”

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