This crazy story out of New Jersey includes a dash cam video of a roadblock that was set up in the middle of the interstate.  If this ever happens to you, never stop and get out of the situation as soon as possible.

WATCH: Creepy roadblock pops up on the New Jersey Turnpike


As if it’s not already creepy enough to be driving on a road with no lights, this guy had to face a pretty scary situation.

As you can see in video, Ivan Tukhtin was driving along the New Jersey Turnpike and out of no where a road block on two cones pops up. He then slows down a bit and tries to go through the cones only to be stopped by the creepy mysterious man who walks in front of the car. Tukhtin was then able to get their attention just long enough for the guy to get out of the way and then he bolts off.


Tukhtin later posted an update on a message board:

today i found out that the two men were arrested. one was wanted, the other intoxicated.

for all of you saying you wouldn’t stop, i’m not causing damage to my car when i do not have to. also, i tried to go around but you see him walking into my right of way,

how am i supposed to know he won’t jump in front. so i called him over to the side and then left.

anyways, just be cautious out there everyone, so many sick ****s these days.

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