Eagles fan steals prosthetic leg

While Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans can have their occasional issues, Philadelphia Eagles fans seem to continue to one-up themselves.

In case you are wondering, yes, stealing a prosthetic leg is a crime in the State of Florida (so make sure not to do it).

This article from Yahoo! Sports details the latest from last night’s Sunday Night Football game in the City of Brotherly Love:

“According to multiple reports, an Eagles fan stole a prosthetic leg from a Vietnam veteran musician who frequently plays before games at Lincoln Financial Field. That’s right: A fan stole a dude’s leg.

The good news: The leg apparently has been found and is reportedly being returned to Sonny Forriest Jr., who takes his leg off when it becomes uncomfortable. Evidently him removing the leg was an invitation for a moron fan to run off with it.

The leg was found a few hours after the game by a subway driver.

A female fan in her 20s wearing Eagles gear, per CSN Philadelphia, broke Forriest’s microphone, apologized for that and then did something he never could have expected.

“She snatched my leg,” Forriest said. “And ran!”

Prior to that, some fans were having some fun with the leg.

“There were some friends who were partying with the leg, then they put it back,” Forriest said, per NBCPhiladelphia.com.”

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