Type: 2nd DUI Above .15, pled as 1st DUI Below .15
Practice Area:DUI and DWI
Date: 2015-09-01
Outcome: 2nd DUI Above .15, pled as 1st DUI Below .15
Description: Our client was arrested for his third DUI in 10 years. The first DUI (in a different state) was reduced to a Reckless Driving. The client pled to a second DUI years ago.

In this case, the police stopped our client, arrested him after conducting a DUI investigation, and took him to Central Breath Testing. At CBT, our client provided two breath samples well over a .15. The State Attorney’s Office would almost certainly ask for jail.

Based on our training and experience, we met with our client, talked about all options, read the charging document and pled at Arraignment. Based on an error by the law enforcement officer, we were able to save our client hundreds of dollars in fines, and hundreds more in additional headaches. Most importantly, we kept our happy, satisfied client out of jail.