Type: 2nd DUI reduced to Reckless Driving – No Jail Time, No License Suspension, No Vehicle Impound, No Ignition Interlock
Practice Area:DUI and DWI
Date: 2014-12-10
Outcome: Case reduced to a Reckless Driving
Description: Our client was charged with a 2nd DUI within 5 years. This charge carries severely increased penalties and mandatory jail time.

To begin with, our firm attended and successfully won the formal review hearing, ensuring that he did not lose his CDL or regular driver’s license with the DHSMV.

The DUI case was set for trial as negotiations with the prosecutor stalled. We worked tirelessly to get out-of-state witnesses ready for trial and to prepare to show/argue how our client was Not Guilty of the DUI.

A week before trial, the prosecutor agreed with us and reduced the case to a Reckless Driving. This saved our client a mandatory 10 days in jail, and up to 9 months in jail if he lost at trial. In addition, he avoided the possibility of losing his driver’s license for 5 years which would have affected his ability to earn a living. Also, he avoided a fine of $1,553.00, one victim impact panel, random urine screens, one year of having an ignition interlock device, a 30-day vehicle impound, and being ordered to have no alcohol or go to bars or clubs.