Burglary and Battery Charges

Being convicted of committing burglary can result in up to 5 years imprisonment for an individual. In the event that a battery takes place during the burglary, this raises the crime to a felony in the first degree which is punishable by imprisonment for up to 30 years. Battery can be the use of force or violence against an individual, touching or striking someone against their will or intentionally causing bodily harm to a person. The threat of force against an individual is considered assault which can also lead to a first-degree felony charge.

If you have been charged with burglary and battery, at Greater Tampa Law, P.L.., we strongly advise you to not attempt to defend yourself. A seasoned Tampa Bay criminal defense attorney who knows how to effectively defend against such charges should be working closely with you during this trying time. You deserve such an attorney who will fully review all aspects of your case and devise a defense plan with the intention of having your charges reduced or dismissed.

How We Can Help

We have dedicated ourselves to helping those in need with their criminal defense matters. Our practice concentrates solely in the field of criminal law which allows us to be thorough and grants us the ability to spend the time needed with each of our clients. Every case is different, and we treat each case with the importance that it deserves. We will answer your questions and keep you updated as to the progress of your case. As former Florida state prosecutors, we have the added benefit of understanding how the justice system works from both the prosecution and defense side. Do not put your case in the hands of an inexperienced law firm.

Contact a criminal defense lawyer in Tampa Bay without delay to find out how your charges can be defended against.

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