Defending Against Criminal Charges of Extortion

Extortion is a type of white collar crime that occurs when a person threatens violence against another person or persons to illegally obtain monetary compensation. People may also commit extortion to receive other types of valuable goods or services. When extortion is committed, the victim will be threatened with physical violence or coerced into giving the offender what he/she wants. Extortion is very similar to blackmail because the offender is using force to guarantee a desired outcome. In the United States, extortion is a felony offense that can lead to imprisonment if the person is convicted.

Tenacious Extortion Defense Attorney in Tampa Bay

Criminal charges regarding extortion are no laughing matter and should not be taken lightly. If you are successfully convicted, you will be facing life-altering penalties that can include extended time spent in jail or prison, large monetary fines, mandatory community service, probation and paying restitution. These are not punishments that should be brushed off or ignored in hopes that they will go away with time. You need to be confident that you are given the proper level of legal assistance from an aggressive Tampa Bay extortion attorney that can truly help you reach your desired result.

By working with our legal team at Greater Tampa Law P.L., you can breathe easier knowing that we will do everything in our power to help you defend your rights. We understand how frightening it can be to face the possibility of criminal conviction and we are therefore devoted to making sure every one of our clients receive the personalized, dynamic legal assistance that will best help them fight the charges being held against them.

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