Have You Been Charged With Grand/Auto Theft?

Auto theft is a type of theft crime that is committed when a person takes another person’s motor vehicle without consent. Auto theft occurs whenever a person steals another person’s car, truck, motorcycle, or another type of motor vehicle without the intention of returning the vehicle to its rightful owner. In the state of Florida, auto theft is usually considered a felony offense, which means a person may have to spend time in prison if he/she is convicted of this crime.

Understanding Charges of Theft Crime

In the state of Florida, theft crime charges are typically categorized as petty theft or grand theft. Petty theft is usually considered a misdemeanor offense and involves the theft of a small sum of money. People who commit petty theft will usually have to may monetary fines, legal fees, and are likely to avoid jail time if they have no previous criminal convictions. Grand theft is considered a felony offense and involves the stealing of a large sum of money or goods. People who are convicted of grand theft will likely have to spend over a year in jail, pay monetary fines, and possibly restitution.

Why Hire a Florida Auto Theft Lawyer?

After a person has committed a theft crime, like auto theft, it is in his/her best interest to hire a reliable theft crimes defense attorney who can advise him/her of his/her rights and protect him/her throughout every phase of the legal process. With the legal penalties for most theft crimes being so severe, it is important that people do everything they can to ensure they receive aggressive defense from an experienced auto theft lawyer.

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